Useful Techniques Of Removing Gum From Carpet

It is true that exquisite and colorful carpets add to the beauty of a room. However, most people complain that they find it difficult to keep the carpets clean especially if there are pets or children in the house. When gum or such other gooey item falls on the carpet it easily sticks to the fine fibers of the carpet and if a person tries to use harsh method to remove it, the carpet might get damaged. Therefore, special techniques need to be followed to tackle such problems. You always call Kobalt Carpet Cleaning Charlotte to clean your carpet from gum and other stains.

One of the common and most useful methods of removing gum from the carpet is the heating method. For this procedure all you need is a blow dryer and plastic wrap or a plastic bag. First you have to turn the blow dyer on and adjust it to the hottest setting. The hot air coming from the blow dyer must be aimed on the carpet area where the gum is stuck. When the gum becomes pliable due to the hot air, you will have to pull the gum wad with the help of the plastic wrap. This procedure must be continued till most of the gum is removed from the carpet. Stain removal is an art that most tampa carpet cleaners have mastered.

Another popular for removing gum from carpet is the freezing technique. For this method you will need cubes of ice, a small plastic bag and a dull knife or spoon. First, you need to fill the small plastic bag with cubes of ice and then place it over the area of the carpet where the gum is stuck. After 30 minutes or so the plastic bag containing ice cubes needs to be removed. By this time the gum will be frozen hard and can be easily removed from the carpet with the help of a dull knife or metal spatula. 

After both the freezing technique and the heating method if any residue of gum is left behind you can apply muscle rub products containing methyl salicylate on it to remove all traces of the gum from the carpet.

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