How To Keep My Carpets To Stay Clean Longer?

Frequently cleaning a carpet might lead to quick wearing out and besides it a tedious task if you are doing it yourself and will cost you more money if you keep hiring professional carpet cleaners. It is possible to make your carpets stay clean for a longer period to avoid frequent cleaning through the following ways.

  • Vacuum Regularly - Vacuuming once every week might help reduce the amount of dirt, dust and other material lodged in the carpets. Remember to sprinkle carpet freshener powder before vacuuming to keep the odors at bay and keep your carpet smelling fresh. Vacuuming will no doubt control the unwanted elements from accumulating and causing that visible dirty look on the carpet to appear.
  • Use rugs - You could use rugs to cover the most high traffic areas where people move around a lot. Or you could simply cover different areas simply for protection and for giving your carpets new looks as well. Rugs can protect the carpets from dirt for some time and eventually when you need to clean them it will be after a long time.
  • Use Professional Cleaners - Most of these carpet cleaning companies have hi-tech cleaning equipment that will thoroughly clean your carpet. A well cleaned carpet will stay clean for a longer period before you notice the dirt and if you are living alone, you might not clean your carpet again for some time.
  • Encourage Responsible culture - If your home is full of kids and pet(s) encouraging and implementing a shoes-off policy whenever anyone is the house might work. You could also ask everyone to be careful and not stain the carpet in any way. Instill the responsible behavior in the pets too by discouraging them from sleeping or rolling on the carpet and leaving hair. A little training for the pets might be needed here. When everyone is responsible, the carpets in the home will definitely stay clean for longer periods.

With the above tips the question of how can I keep my carpets to stay clean longer has definitely been answered. If you live in Charlotte NC and need a deep carpet cleaning in Charlotte NC you can contact us any time!

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