How to Clean a Leather Couch?

Leather is a traditional and natural material that we use as upholstery. There are many benefits when using leather, as long lifespan, durable and value. Buying a leather furniture is really an investment. But leather can easily stain, especially when you have children or pets at home. So it is worth having an proper treatment to your investment product. leather couch cleaning

How to clean a leather couch

(It is not really hard to clean your leather products.)

Some people feel that cleaning a leather couch is difficult, time consuming and need professional treatments. It seems the fear is beginning because we do not where to solve those ugly leather stains to prevent it from ruining the leather couch. If you have the right products and tools, cleaning those leather couches is a chore as usual. There are some basic steps to clean your leather furnitures to keep them up to theirs prime standards, when your leather products get stains.

How to clean a leather couch

(The three basic steps to clean your leather products.)

First, dust generally your leather couch. You should need a duster or use a clean, soft and dry cloth to tidy up pieces of food and dirt, do it carefully to avoid creating unsightly scratches. You should use cleaning products which are usually sold by your leathers product ‘s manufactor to have the best result in cleaning your leather furnitures.

Second, prepare the moisturizing soap and test the soap on the leather couch. We know that leather is a natural material, and it repels the liquids. So, if you use the soap which is more natural, the more effective it will be on the furnitures. So moisturizing soap is the best for your leather products. Before applying the soap to your couch, first test it on a hidden small area to make sure the soap does not discolor the leather product’s surfaces. Using a damp soft cloth dip into the liquid soap, gently brush the surface and gaps leather couch. Do not let too much liquid be at a area, do it regularly everywhere.

Third, dry your leather couch slowly. The leather couch should be dried with a towel, use a sponge or absorbent cloth to make sure all of the soap has been cleaned. When the couch gets dry, figure out the stains is gone or not. Repeat that procedure if your leather couch are not still clean. You also do not let spills dry on the leather surface because this can penetrate in the leather and make spots. You should not use electrical dryer to dry out the leather couch. This will make your leather products brittle and shorten the leather lifespan.

Tips for cleaning leather couch.

  1. Try to clean your leather couch as soon as possible when it gets stains.
  2. Do a regularly cleaning to dust the surface, at least every 3 days.
  3. Reading carefully the user instruction to find out what type of your leather product.
  4. If you want to get light colored leather clean, let have it done professionally. Call someone who is experienced with leather to help you do that.

So now you really know how to clean a leather couch.

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