Couch Cleaning Tips

Cleaning a couch on a regular basis will not only make it look new but also increase the lifespan. This is because it removes any debris and dirt that have stuck on the couch’s cover and began to damage the furniture. Professional couch cleaners use professional tools and product to scrap all the dirt with great precision and utmost accuracy, but with the right kind of tips, you can clean your couch while at home and achieve the most top standards.

Keep metal part of the couch dry

When cleaning a couch, don’t use wet cleaning method. It will get the couch zippers wet, accelerating rusting on the metallic part of the couch because of in ability to dry up very fast. Rust will ruin the looks of the couch and make the zippers harder. Make sure you keep metallic part of the couch free from water while cleaning it and if by any chance it comes in contact with water, dry it immediately.

Avoid soaking

Soaking of your couch will cause wrinkle and shrink or even mould to grow on the fabric of the couch. This will change the color and texture of your couch, hence ruining it permanently. Soaking will also require long drying of the couch thus inconveniencing if the couch is often used. The best carpet cleaning Charlotte NC companies will clean your couch the best.

Dry clean the couch

If your couch has a nap, it is best if you dry clean it because it is suede. Nubuck, suede or micro fibre couches change appearance when hands are run on their fabric. If your couch is of this type don’t use water but rather use the suds method that involves whipping the couch with water and detergent until suds form, then using hard brush to clean it and vacuum it. If your couch stinks, sprinkle baking soda to absorb the odor for several minutes then vacuum clean it.

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